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N1 Integrated Marketing Campaign

N1 Fly Smarter with Ultimate Lift Integrated Marketing Campaign

N1, LLC (“N1”), a joint venture with Directional Aviation Capital, LLC and B&G Aviation, had a big market challenge in front of them. How do you unseat a Fortune 100 company who is the reigning leader in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (“MRO”) of business jet aircraft engines? MRO is an industry where service providers are selected for their brand recognition and trust, and N1 was a relatively new service provider.

48 West Agency (“48 West”) was selected by N1 to create an integrated marketing campaign that differentiated N1’s service from the big brands in MRO. The 48 West team came up with the “Fly Smarter / Ultimate Lift” integrated marketing campaign and built momentum leading into the largest industry event of the year, the National Business Aviation Association annual event.

  • Market Research and Strategy
  • Brand & Messaging Development
  • Marketing Automation
  • Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Event Marketing

48 West solved a marketing challenge for N1 by finding a way to position them in a way no one else in the market could match. Our integrated marketing campaign introduced a more conceptual creative concept that successfully communicated how N1 can save an owner or operator both time and money. The campaign delivered an increase in overall awareness of the N1 difference and led to booth traffic at NBAA.

The campaign was designed to bring Honeywell back to the negotiation table for MSP on FlexJet’s 150 Challenger aircrafts. Ultimately that campaign resulted in a $200M cost savings over seven years for FlexJet and the parent company, Directional Aviation. The CEO of Directional Aviation, Ken Ricci, said “The marketing dollars spent with 48 West is the best money we’ve ever spent.” Additional highlights of include:

  • PR Coverage: 41 pieces of National Media Coverage
  • Estimated PR Coverage Views: 260K
  • Estimated Online Readership: 362 Million
  • Average Domain Authority: 62
  • Links from Coverage: 29
  • Social Shares (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn): 1674
  • Video views: 42,245
  • Exceeded N1 NBAA lead generation expectations by 28%.
  • Digital version of the advertisement in Director of Maintenance online provided 23,200 unique visits to the dedicated landing page.
  • Demonstrated an equivalent level of service expertise as the engine manufacturer.

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