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Poking The Bear
Pelican Products

In 2012, using their advanced technology, Pelican Products, Inc. entered the competitive cooler market, introducing Pelican Elite Coolers to their consumer line of products. The Nonprofit Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center (GWDC) in West Yellowstone, Montana cooperates with state and federal agencies in the testing of bear-resistant food and garbage storage containers. With full confidence in its coolers, Pelican entered their 70QT Elite Cooler to the bear product testing procedure and invited some notable media to observe. Pelican not only passed the test to earn the official “bear-resistant” certification, they were the last cooler standing.

The product was placed in the bear habitat and baited with enticing human foods like salmon. The bears are given 60 minutes to try to break into the container, and after 60 minutes the item is considered officially “tested”. If the bears are unable to get inside the container or get food from it, the container passes as “bear-resistant” and receives certification from the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC). Pelican is now able to utilize this certification and legitimately declare themselves as leaders of quality in the industry. After earning the IGBC “bear-resistant” certification, 48 West leveraged the video of the Pelican cooler undergoing the 60 minute bear test to pitch to national media. Sometimes you have to poke the bear…

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“Bottom Line – Each company claims its product is bear-resistant only if used with a bolt or lock. We held the tests again with a padlock, and Ondar got bored with all three. Well-played, cooler companies. Without locks, the Pelican was the only match for our furry friend. So, for all-around bear resistance at a discount, get the Pelican.” – Popular Mechanics