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Every Email Address Tells a Story

Every time an email address is used, it leaves traces. Over a period of time, those traces add up to a multi-layered story. Emailage, a start-up company that leverages a vast consortium of data and layered machine learning technology to combat transaction fraud, had a hard time sharing this story with large financial institutions and encouraging them to examine Emailage’s solution to assessing the risk present in an online transaction. When Emailage created the “Every Email Address Tells a Story” campaign they selected the team at 48 West Agency to develop shareable content that would encourage financial companies to use intelligence rather than just data to determine fraud risk. We designed the infographic to inspire financial institutions to achieve that balance with Emailage’s Risk Assessment. The Emailage infographic communications a very serious topic, it was still important that it was easy to view and read. Many financial professionals think in spreadsheets rather than visually, so we wanted to grab their attention while still delivering the hard numbers they would expect from such a serious topic. Communicating financial information can often be dry content, so 48 West wanted to take a more visual approach to craft a compelling story.


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  • Winner 2017 American Marketing Association Spectrum Awards for Infographics.
  • Finalist 2017 American Marketing Association Spectrum Awards for Best of Content Category.
  • Provided 3,200 Unique visits to the dedicated landing page in the first week.
  • A 12% increase in inbound leads with the target audience.
  • Improved website SEO by 6%