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Protesting Dolphins in the Desert
Whale and Dolphin Conservation

WDC is the leading global charity dedicated to the conservation protection of whales and dolphins. They defend these remarkable creatures through campaigns, lobbying, advising governments, conservation projects, field research and rescue to protect against the many threats they face. WDC’s core belief is that all whales and dolphins have the right to exist as nature intends, not as humans decide. When the new “Dolphinaris” dolphins in the desert project scheduled to open in Scottsdale, Arizona the WDC and 48 West worked together to bring more information about this new attraction to the public’s attention.

This is a very controversial project, and animal welfare groups, including WDC, are working together to stop the swim with the dolphins project. As the grassroots efforts took off, a petition began against the project, now with more than 135,000 signatures. WDC, along with the help of their local spokesperson wanted help bringing this controversial issue to the attention of the public. 48 West used our extensive local media connections to garner the attention of every major news outlet, including online and print media. We also worked with our international media contacts to generate coverage across the travel and tourism industry.


  • Brand & Messaging Development
  • Public Relations
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  • More than 135,000 protest signatures.
  • Extensive local media coverage.
  • National and international media coverage.

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