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Partner Program

BASELAYER, the company that pioneered the modular data center, is dedicated to delivering hardware and software products to support the needs of today’s data-driven world. In 2017, BASELAYER wanted to design a new sales partner program that provided them with insight to pre-RFP high-tech construction projects and major facilities construction projects. The team at 48 West Agency recommended creating a network of strategic alliance partners to connect their valued joint clients with world-class data center hardware solutions.

Through a partner program, BASELAYER would address enterprise clients’ top data center challenges to ensure their business stays up and running and that their data is accessible in an instant. The program was opened exclusively to value-added design, engineering and high-tech construction facilities and major construction projects requiring data center capabilities. 48 West created a comprehensive partner sales kit to deliver a new pipeline of sales opportunity.


  • Market Research
  • Sales Optimization
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Winner 2017 American Marketing Association Spectrum Awards for Collateral Sales Kit / Press Kit.
  • Finalist 2017 American Marketing Association Spectrum Awards for Best of Collateral Category.
  • 36% increase in Channel Partner Engagement